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Golden Nuggets: Nobody's Getting Franchised

Good morning folks, SB Nation is expecting some network downtime tonight to perform some upgrades, and I don't know how that will conflict with the Nuggets. Add to that the fact that I'm unbelievably tired, and I'm actually doing this post earlier tan I ever have before, around 7 p.m. pacific time. I don't know how many links I'll have for you good folks, or if I'll even finish these, but they need to get posted in some form so I'll see what I can do. I have no idea what's going on in 49erland right now, but I'd wager there's no chance since yesterday and I'm not missing out on much. I'll find out when you do, most likely. Anyway, Fooch might be going in and adding links later on tonight, and depending on how far my internet takes me, might be doing them all himself. So thank him regardless. Enjoy, folks.

To me, the most worthy player the 49ers have for use of the franchise tag is Aubrayo Franklin, but doing so would be very pricey. (

Barrows pre-Super Bowl chat (

According to one source, the team is probably not going to be making use of the franchise tag regardless this offseason. It is tempting to really want to keep some of these guys, but it makes sense. (

Jerry Rice and Joe Montana were on Mike and Mike. Speaks for itself. (

Jerry Rice on KNBR (

Steve Young on KNBR (

Some 49ers players make their Super Bowl predictions. I'm going with the Packers, myself. (

Jim Harbaugh's offenses utilize tight ends well. I think that means he's a pretty good fit here in San Francisco, don't you? He's being handed a pro bowler and a backup who could start elsewhere. (

Article on use of the franchise tag (

The police officer's association want the 49ers and Giants to pay for their presence following games. I doubt they'll get it. (

Being a Sheep

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