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Any Super Bowl XLV Party Plans This Year?

Somehow Super Bowl XLV has come up and I realized I don't really have specific Super Bowl party plans in place. I've never hosted a party, but rather I usually end up going to a friend's place for the party. I'm waiting to hear back from a couple friends so we'll see what ends up coming up. I actually have a friend working security at some kind of party at the Clift Hotel in downtown San Francisco. I'm thinking I might try and sneak into that party. I hear it will be mostly Green Bay Packers fans, but I can live with that. If I had to pick one team to cheer for in this game it would be the Packers, primarily because of Aaron Rodgers. I'm not a monster Cal fan, but he's a fun QB to watch and I'd rather see him win than Roethlisberger.

So what do people have planned for this Sunday's Super Bowl? Even if you can't support either team I'd imagine most people will still watch some of the game. More importantly, you'll be eating and drinking throughout. In one of the most random SB Nation posts I've ever seen, we've got our favorite dot com folks posting their favorite Super Bowl recipes. I gotta admit, most of that food looks mighty tasty.

I do find the day-after hangover food a little bit amusing. For West Coast football fans, the Super Bowl starts at 3:30 in the afternoon and is wrapped up by dinner time or shortly thereafter. You might be feeling woozy, but you can have some downtime to relax after the game and get some rest. On the East Coast, the game ends closer to 10pm, which while not the latest hour ever, can be a pain when you've been drinking throughout the game and have to work the next day. All hail the West Coast!