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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Add Coaches, Goodell Says Nothing

Good morning to all, and apologies for the lack of substance in yesterday's Nuggets. Me getting to bed early plus site maintenance equals a total lack of knowing what will happen, so I didn't spend much time preparing the post. Yesterday saw the commisioner speak in his much anticipated press conference ... or speech, or something like that. What was said, you might ask? Absolutely nothing at all, not a single thing was said. Both sides are adamant that the other one needs to be serious and that a meeting needs to take place. It seems to me like the NFL is dragging its feet here, not that the NFLPA is made up of a bunch of saints or anything like that, but Goodell does not legitimately even seem interested in actually negotiating. That's just the way I see it, but it really is a moot point because both "figureheads" look a lot like giant tools from where I'm sitting. Buncha jive turkeys, all I heard throughout that entire speech was "gobble gobble gobble." Turrible. Jus' turrible. Anyway, got some pertinent links for you today, enjoy' em while they're hot.

The 49ers added two coaches to their staff, including a tight ends coach (you've got big shoes to fill, Mr. Davis) and an assistant/quality control coach. (

No surprises here as the team promoted Tom Gamble to Director of Player Personnel. I like the move, it was one that was expected for awhile now - and with good reason. (

A good explanation as to why Jim Harbaugh is not ruling Alex Smith out of the equation for 2011. It makes sense, and it's exactly what's happening - Harbaugh needs to be safe and understand the possible limitations of the present offseason. (

Here's a quick look at the top two corners in the draft. At pick seven, the 49ers stand a chance at getting either one of these guys, though it's likely that will be Prince Amukamara. I like him a lot, just worried about his overall athleticism. (

It's been a long drought for 49ers fans (And Raiders fans too, skip that part of the article for obvious reasons) and I really can't bring myself to read the words in this piece. (

While I don't like the options explored by Steve Young in his thoughts on the 49ers quarterback situation, he does make a lot of sense, and Sando echoes them well. One capable signal caller away from winning some of those excruciatingly painful close games is basically the best way you can put it. (

Canton Calling? (

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