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2011 Super Bowl XLV, Packers vs. Steelers: Start Time, Odds & Open Thread

As we prepare for kickoff of the 2011 Super Bowl, I'd say that title sums up this post fairly well. Super Bowl XLV has a scheduled start time of 3:29pm pacific, although kickoff will probably be delayed at least a few minutes. And yes, as that picture shows, it was recently snowing in Dallas. For comparison's sake, it's about 70 degrees here in San Francisco. That's not particularly pertinent, but I thought I'd share that information anyway.

Today's Super Bowl should actually be a fun contest. The two teams are fairly evenly matched, which means we could be looking at a fun and tightly contested game. Of course that probably means one team will blow out the other team. Let's just hope for a well-played game. If I had to pick one team then for me it would be the Packers primarily because of Aaron Rodgers Cal connection. Add in the fact that I don't like Ben Roethlisberger and it gives me a clear division between the two teams. I won't exactly be whooping it up for the Packers, but I definitely have a preference for them in today's game.

The Packers enter the game as a slim three point favorite. Although both teams are playing well, the Packers seem to have the momentum in their favor, as well as public support. The Packers have received an additional break heading into the game as Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey will not be playing. Pouncey suffered a high ankle sprain in the AFC title game and has not been able to sufficiently recover in time for the game. That's a tough loss for the Steelers.

As for final predictions, I've added mine in the prediction contest but I'll post it here as well. I'll go with Packers 34 - Steelers 20. While Green Bay won't completely dominate, I do think they'll take a lead and run with it the rest of the way. Pittsburgh will have some chances to get back in the game but won't be able to make it happen. Oh, and Aaron Rodgers will win the MVP and go to Disney World.