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Super Bowl XXIII: Montana....Touchdown John Taylor!

As we sit here waiting for the kickoff of Super Bowl XLV between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, I thought it'd be fun to take a look back at a spectacular Super Bowl memory for 49ers fans. The 49ers had some great moments over the course of their 5-Super Bowl run from 1981 to 1994, but the video below includes the greatest Super Bowl moment of that run. Joe Montana's game-winning touchdown pass from to John Taylor against the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII is the moment 49ers fans remember.

The Catch was a great moment, and might be the greatest given the fact that it opened the door for the first Super Bowl. However, for just Super Bowl moments Montana-to-Taylor is the greatest. Feel free to argue otherwise, but it'll take a lot to change my mind.

Aside from the play itself, there are two very random moments I didn't remember from when I first watched the game in 1989. The first moment is just after the catch when the announcer (I can't remember who it was calling the game) mentions how Taylor spends his offseason's as a car salesman for Reggie Jackson. Times certainly have changed since that day. There are some players with jobs outside the NFL but it's not a regular occurrence anymore.

My second favorite moment in this video is at about the 1:20 mark. Taylor goes to take a seat and to his left is a guy wearing a collared shirt that says "PROFESSIONAL OXYGEN" on the back. I don't know what it is about that, but it kinda made me laugh. Is there such thing as amateur oxygen? Can somebody explain this to me?