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Super Bowl XLV Recap: Green Bay Packers Are World Champs And Now Tied at 0-0 With 49ers

Congratulations to the world champion Green Bay Packers. Well, that was certainly a fun finish to the Super Bowl. The Green Bay Packers appeared ready to blow out the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first half, but a late second quarter touchdown switched the momentum to Pittsburgh. The Packers were absolutely hideous in the third quarter and yet they somehow emerged with the lead. At times the play was fairly hideous, but the defensive performances were still solid. Mix in some big passing plays and I'd say this qualified as an entertaining Super Bowl.

Now that Super Bowl XLV is officially complete, the 2010 NFL season is over and everybody except the Super Bowl winner will be looking ahead to 2011 NFL season. Whether labor issues delay 2011 or not, teams are developing their offseason plans to have a shot at Super Bowl XLVI.

Of course the conclusion of the season also means everybody is officially undefeated and on equal ground in the standings. Somebody posted some video of an old commercial the NFL Network ran during the 2005 Super Bowl (I think). The highlights are probably Jon Gruden singing lyrics from "Tomorrow" with his kids behind him and Joe Montana somehow ending up in this commercial.

As the NFL enters its offseason and the 49ers work towards rebuilding from a disappointing 2011 season, it's safe to say expectations will be fairly high next season. The 49ers don't have a quarterback in place yet but that won't stop folks from getting pumped for next season. At this incredibly early stage of the offseason, what would you consider a "successful" 2011 season for the 49ers? I realize so much can change in the coming months, but I still am curious where people's heads are at pre-draft and pre-free agency. It's easy to say Super Bowl or bust, but it's hard to tell the reality of the situation given the changes in the organization.