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Niners Nation After Dark: Super Bowl XLV Wrap-up Edition

NN After Dark 2
NN After Dark 2

After a weekend break, we're back for a Super Bowl XLV edition of Niners Nation After Dark. As always, make sure and take your discussion to the Golden Nuggets when they go live around 3am. For a site looking to go 24/7 I suppose not having the NN After Dark on Friday night and Saturday night would be odds. However, given that this is partially meant for folks just now heading into work in later time zones, I guess it's OK that way. It's probably also an issue of the drunken posting we'd have here throughout the night. And that's just from LondonNiner while he's at work!

Super Bowl XLV wrapped up earlier this evening with the Green Bay Packers securing the fourth Lombardi Trophy, and their 13th NFL title dating to before the NFL-AFL merger. There's a reason the city of Green Bay calls itself Title Town. Congratulations to a franchise 49ers view with a certain level of disdain given the history of the late '90s. However, for those that didn't know, Super Bowl MVP QB Aaron Rodgers is originally from Chico, California and grew up a 49ers fan. It's a bit of a twisting of the screws for 49ers fans when that comes up, so we'll keep it short. Congrats to Aaron Rodgers.

I'm curious how some of our overseas visitors were able to enjoy the Super Bowl. The military folks have the Armed Forces Network, but even still the game can be on at all hours. One of my most bizarre football viewing (really listening) experiences came during the 1991 NFC Championship game. As many folks on NN now know, I was living in Saudi Arabia at the time. The air war portion of the Gulf War began on January 17 and shortly thereafter Iraq began launching SCUD missiles at Riyadh, where I was living. For the first few days, my parents would wake me and my brother up and we'd sit around wearing our gas masks waiting to see what happened (our parents would be looking out the windows to see the action). The Patriots knocked down most of the SCUDS and the ones that got through generally landed in the middle of the desert.

Anyway, I happened to be up early in the morning (like 3am give or take) on Monday January 21, which happened to be right around the time of the NFC title game between the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants. In spite of the awful ending it was a pretty interesting experience for me. I was sitting at our dining room table with my gas mask on listening to the game on Armed Forces Radio. I'd have to say that qualifies as my most random viewing/listening moment when it comes to professional sports. I don't even remember where I watched or listened to that subsequent Giants-Bills Super Bowl. 

Anybody out there with interesting stories about watching or listening to a Super Bowl or other particularly big game?