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Golden Nuggets: Into The Offseason We Go

Good morning everyone, how did you all like the Super Bowl? I was watching half-heartedly, and lost interest after the first half even though it was a pretty good game that was at least competitive for a short while. I slept through a good portion of it and there was a car crash that was too close for comfort, but it was mildly enjoyable. There were two things fundamentally wrong with yesterday, though. First, the commercials were sub par and the best line was used in the first or second commercial break. The line? "Hit 'em with Kenny G." The second thing that was fundamentally wrong was Fergie. The band as a whole was terrible, but her tendency to just screech and scream to try and show everyone else up was just too much. Then Slash was there, and it's like "oh OK, that's cool," but then Fergie goes on to totally ruin that already over-played song. Then Usher is there and it's like "alright, Usher isn't bad, he can save this." But you can't hear him because his mic is basically muted. Then they play their bastardization of "The Time," and I wanted to cry. I don't know what happened after that, but yeah. Fergie is just unbearable, especially since she compared disliking her voice to hating God. Cool stuff.

I ranted for a good bit now, so how about we get to whatever links I might have for you, yeah? I don't know if there are any, frankly I'm not expecting much. There will probably be some more Aaron Rodgers what-if stories that ultimately mean nothing because he would have been absolutely crushed if he started for the 49ers those years ago. Enjoy.

Only 49ers-related link I have for you is Maiocco's mock draft of the first round. It's not that outlandish, and I could see those quarterbacks going that early depending on how the next couple of months goes. For a laugh, you can check out the comments where one of Matt's readers cites Mel Kiper as though he's some infallible source who has never been wrong. Pretty entertaining, honestly. (

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