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Golden Nuggets: The Offseason Sucks, Once Again

The offseason sucks, to put things bluntly. When the 49ers season ended after the Cardinals game, and people on here immediately started going into overdrive with the draft and Fooch started talking about draft articles, I almost ran. I wanted to push that stuff out of my mind and take a break from a disappointing team. Now, when we're averaging two-three links a day in the Nuggets, the season can't start soon enough. I can't wait for the scouting combine and the 2011 NFL Draft. I can't wait to see who the 49ers take and how the NFC West is stacking up. I love other sports, and the Sharks, Fernando Verdsaco and my various favorite MMA fighters will hopefully get me through this offseason. The girlie will help as well, but that's something I'm really not allowed to get into on NN. Also, because I can, I wanted to express a fair amount of sadness at the passing of Brian Jacques, author of some of my favorite books as a child, the Redwall series. Seriously feel like a big piece of my life is falling away since he's passed. Also, Gary Moore, one of the greatest blues/rock guitarists ever died as well. Feels bad, man. :[ Uh, anyway, here's some links folks. Enjoy.

Maiocco has the inside information regarding Jim Harbaugh and his first month as the 49ers head coach. I don't have time to read this right now, but it's part one of a three-part series. Go ahead and check it out. (

Barrows gives a quick run down of ... turf types and how players voted their preference of turf in each stadium. (

There's some betting odds out regarding the 49ers. I like the fact that they're tied with the Rams - nothing is going to anybody's head, it seems. (

After the first round, there aren't a ton of pass-rushing outside linebackers available. Perhaps the 49ers would be best-served to address the position sooner rather than later. I personally think anybody who believes it's all-fine and we should depend on this group of under-achievers again is absolutely crazy. Well, maybe not crazy, but it's just a position I certainly do not agree with. (

Patrick Willis has earned himself a couple of more honors. Beast. (

Ready, Set, Crack! (

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