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Golden Nuggets: Because Ninjames Said So

Good morning folks, Ninjames here. To start, it is the girlie's birthday, and you will all be wishing her a happy one, (for one, because I love her very much but also) because as your blog overlord (Fooch doesn't know it yet, but his come-uppance is due soon) I demand certain things of you. So go, blogslaves, go, and wish her a happy birthday! Do my bidding or be first against the wall when the revolution comes, much like the Cirius Cybernetics Corporation. That's right, folks, I've referenced The Princess Bride, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the Redwall novels, paid homage to a blues guitarist and am now demanding birthday wishes, all within about twenty-four hours. That's honestly just how I roll and you should be used to it by now.

But yeah - the 49ers - about those guys. We have a few links today that are all pertinent and as you can probably imagine, most of it pertains to the 2011 NFL Draft. Since the Super Bowl, I've only become more angry at Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith, I listen to them in interviews and all I hear is posturing and nonsense. Neither of them really care about what they say they care about, so I honestly am not even paying attention to potential free agents, save for when I have to for the Long Look Back, Brief Look Forward posts. So the draft it is. Enjoy the linkage, chiiiiildren! (Fallout reference, I'm on fire)

Branch takes a look at the cornerbacks that are options for the 49ers after Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara, the consensus top two corners in the draft. (

Here's part two of Maiocco's feature on Jim Harbaugh and his first month as the 49ers head coach. The first part was well-received and you can find it in yesterday's edition of the Nuggets, or on Matt's blog. (

I like how people conveniently ignore all kinds of things when it comes to the whole "Alex Smith or Aaron Rodgers" situation, but it's honestly not worth discussing anymore. (

Concussions are a serious problem in the NFL today, but I honestly cannot get into the discussion. No matter how much I try, medical stuff is not my specialty and it never will be. I can tell you things from a mixed martial arts standpoint, how to hurt somebody real bad and things of that nature - but I get lost in these concussion pieces. (

Hey look - a couple people think the 49ers will be good next season. Yay us. (

Here's Barrows with his latest Q&A, with some questions from Twitter. (

Ask A Player: Michael Crabtree. I've got one: where in God's name did you get all that swag?! (

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