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Super Bowl XLV NFL Commercial: Adds To 49ers Fan Woes?

During Super Bowl XLV this past Sunday, one of the more memorable commercials was produced by the NFL and was meant as a thank you to the fans (no, see you in a few years added in!). They took scenes from a whole bunch of well known television shows where the characters were wearing football jerseys and spliced them together. Avinash over at SB Nation Bay Area put together a rundown of every single NFL team and who represented them in the NFL's Super Bowl commercial. The Houston Texans were the only team not represented.

Our San Francisco 49ers were represented by Joey and Jesse in Full House. For those that weren't aware (just didn't know while watching or never watched the show), Full House took place in San Francisco. Opposing teams' fans get on 49ers fans for being from San Francisco, so it's safe to say this wouldn't exactly help matters. Funny random story for you. When I first moved to SF I lived over near Golden Gate Park and the University of San Francisco (Fulton and Stanyan). I worked in the East Bay and would take one of two buses home (the #5 or the #21). The #21 bus ran by the houses you see in the opening credits of Full House (they're call The Painted Ladies). One day I was riding the bus and we made the normal stop at the park across from the houses. As the door opened three or four girls on got off and as they were getting off the bus they were singing the Full House song. Gotta love tourists.

Of course, we could be Raiders fans. The commercial features a scene from beverly Hills 90210 with the girls all wearing Raiders gear. I'm guessing the Raiders were still in LA when that particular scene of the show was shot, although I'm sure I could be wrong. Either way, would you rather be represented by folks from Full House, or the girls of Beverly Hills 90210?

I've posted the video after the jump, but definitely head over to see a breakdown of all the other TV show representations from the commercial.