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Niners Nation After Dark: Athletes With Personality

NN After Dark 2
NN After Dark 2

My apologies for missing the full-on NN After Dark post last night. Thankfully folks were able to enjoy the slightly smaller party in the FanShot. I'm not really sure what the comparison would be in the party circuit. Our party animals can feel free to share that info. As always, don't forget to move this party to the Golden Nuggets at 3am.

I do have to say that I'm glad LondonNiner joined Fooch in the third person discussion. Individuals that elect to talk almost exclusively in the third person can be quite entertaining. Arguably the greatest at this was Hall of Fame baseball player Rickey Henderson. Rickey knew Rickey was great and Rickey had no problem telling you how great Rickey was. Of course, he could back it up, but it didn't make his act any less entertaining. What was arguably most entertaining was that it wasn't even really an act.

Do you have a particular athlete that was a favorite because of their personality as much as their on-field exploits? Sometimes it's nice to know these guys are human, and a little personality can go a long way to making these guys more like-able. Peyton Manning has become more likable in recent years in large part because of his commercials. He's not at the level of a Rickey Henderson since Rickey lived the crazy life the entire time.

I'm getting a little tired and can't quite come up with additional names, so I'll open the floor to everybody out there late this evening. What sports personalities are at the top of your list? They can be athletes you've only read about, or they can be athletes you've followed your entire life. Either way, what athlete brings a smile to your face beyond just athletic prowess?