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Golden Nuggets: All About The Pass Rushers

Good morning folks, and so passes my favorite day of the NFL Scouting Combine. Something about those linemen and linebackers, I just enjoy watching. I kept point up to Robert Quinn and Von Miller, showing my dad "those are the guys. One of them could be a 49er next season." I think I'm fine with either, but I'd certainly prefer Miller, and if not Miller, someone like Patrick Peterson. Robert Quinn is a rather fine consolation prize, however. I'm so wrapped up in the combine, that I watched it throughout the day while going about my business, and then I went out to eat at a restaurant, where they had the NFL Network on, showing replays of the combine ... so I didn't pay any attention to my food and I watched that instead, even though I'd already seen it all. I may be a tad obsessed. I think the food was good. Anyway, here's your linkage, chiiiildren!

The 49ers are searching for a linebacker who can get after the quarterback. It cannot be put more simply than that, they just need an outside linebacker, as much as I like some of the options on the roster. (

One of such players could be Von Miller, who had an impressive showing at the combine. Problem is, was his showing enough to put him out of the 49ers' reach at the seventh overall pick? I think it might have been. (

Or perhaps it's Robert Quinn, and not Von Miller. Quinn's teammates (and everybody else, apparently) consider him an absolute monster and it's pretty easy to see why. Like I said, I would definitely prefer Miller to Quinn, and others as well, but I would not be overly upset if the 49ers ended up with him. (

Mooch (not Fooch) seems to think that cornerback Patrick Peterson will fall to the 49ers at the seventh overall pick. That really would be special, but it probably won't happen. (

Who else would be available at the seventh overall if Von Miller is gone? Please be Peterson, please be Peterson, please be Peterson ... (

Jim Harbaugh says honesty is his draft strategy. I really like that he's not revealing anything, it's good to have a coach who won't talk as opposed to a coach who talks too much without really saying anything. (

Things are moving as far as CBA news is concerned ... though it's not moving in the direction we hoped. Woe. (

Combine All-Personality Team (

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