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2011 NFL Draft: 49ers Met With Leonard Hankerson At NFL Combine

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Late last week the San Francisco 49ers took some time to interview Miami WR Leonard Hankerson. It wasn't a shocking interview given that Hankerson is considered one of the better wide receivers available in the 2011 NFL Draft. The 49ers had 60 interviews they could use at the Combine so they did have to be somewhat selective. However, I would have been surprised if they had NOT interview Hankerson.

I can't find all of Hankerson's numbers, but at the NFL's combine site you can see who the top performers were in the various drills and by position. Among wide receivers, Hankerson had the fourth fastest 40-yard dash at 4.43 and the 15th best vertical jump at 36 inches. If anybody has other numbers, feel free to post them in the comments.

I bring all this up in part because I've seen some comments about people being interested in Leonard Hankerson as a possible wide receiver option. I did a quick search of some 2011 NFL Mock Drafts and generally speaking he's been going anywhere from the high 40s to the early 60s. That would seem to make him a likely option for the 49ers in the second round at their current spot. Hankerson is coming off a very impressive showing at the 2011 Senior Bowl. His 40-time was reportedly quicker than expected and according to Scouts Inc, "Hankerson might have begun changing the perception that he is simply a sure-handed possession receiver."

Of course, the big question is whether the 49ers can afford to spend a pick on a wide receiver in the second round. Could he fit in with the 49ers plans going forward? Can the team justify a second round pick on Hankerson? An easy option could be to grab him after moving down and acquiring additional picks. Depending on how the draft shakes out I suppose Hankerson could be an option with the current second rounder, but for now I don't see it happening barring a trade adding more picks.