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2011 NFL Combine And Life

Over at, Spencer Hall put together an amusing post looking at the 2011 NFL Combine. However, he interspersed his commentary with various combine activities in life and how crazy this whole process really appears. I think number two and number four are the two activities I would most like to work into my daily routine:

Combine Activity Two: Stretch a 30-minute lunch break into 45 minutes. Return to office without detection.

Combine Activity Four: Time Trial! Make it home, play one game of the sporting game of your choice, and return back to work in time for afternoon meeting.

Given that March Madness is just about upon us in the 2010-2011 NCAA basketball season, I've thought of a drill that crosses over these two activities. How much time can you spend watching NCAA basketball at a local bar during your lunch break from work? CBS Sports has their March Madness On Demand, which lets you watch all the tourney games from your computer. I know folks who have spent hours on end at work watching such games. Your combine drill is to power through as much as you can without being caught!

With these various activities in mind, combined with those of the actual combine, do you have any suggestions for the 2011 Life Combine?