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Golden Nuggets: Being 'That Guy' Today

Well, we had some controversy in the Nuggets yesterday, which meant a whole lot of comments. You guys are at your best when you have something to care about, so ... Kevin Kolb blows, Tom Brady is a system quarterback, the 49ers should trade Frank Gore, Ken Whisenhunt is a horribly overrated head coach, Nate Clements is worth his contract, Mel Kiper still knows what he's talking about, I love the Tuck Rule, the 49ers should sign Tiki Barber, the Bills are .... lol Bills, too easy, Eagles fans are classless, Terrell Owens defiling the Dallas Cowboys star was one of the top ten greatest moments in sports and also, Lions fans, Calvin Johnson did not make that catch. Boosh. Well folks, to drum up even more discussion, who can tell me which three of those are things that I actually believe to be true? There really is only three. Honestly. Oh yeah, there's some links or something. Enjoy.

The top two quarterbacks aren't really intriguing at all to me. Blaine Gabbert is a decent option, I suppose. I wouldn't be horribly disappointed if the 49ers took him with the seventh overall pick, but the real action is in the second round and on. I can't wait to see who we get. (

Every potential draftee will be loved by some and criticized by others. Some folks had bad things to say about Robert Quinn. I mostly do not agree with the assertions, but I'm not so hot on Quinn at the seventh pick. (

Cameron Jordan is a guy I like, but again not at the seventh overall pick. He did show off some versatility at his pro day, though. I wouldn't waste his talent on the outside linebacker position, either. (

I honestly am not too familiar with what's going on regarding the stadium situation, but apparently the city of Santa Clara is taking steps to protect the development dollars for said stadium. (

The new rookie wage scale will definitely help the 49ers. It will help all teams, but it sure will be nice to not have to worry about another Crabtree-esque situation and holdout. (

Odd how this article presents a scenario regarding the type of quarterback one would want, nudges you toward middle ground and implies that such an option is the correct one ... then asks you to pick. It's obvious, you want something in between. You want a guy who is smart with the ball and knows where to put it. But in the vein of the NFL combine, Christian Ponder was 100% in the right. (

Where does Kevin Kolb fit in the NFC West? I'd say Seattle is the best spot for him. The piece articulates well my thoughts on Kolb, in that the 49ers can't leave a pass-rusher or cornerback on the board (giving up a first for Kolb) when the quarterback they'd be acquiring doesn't fit too well in the offense. (

A great point is made in Maiocco's latest mailbag, in which it's noted that the 49ers might not be pursuing tampering charges against the Philadelphia Eagles so as to not have a bad relationship with the team they might be interested in acquiring Kevin Kolb from. (

Here's Sando's latest mailbag post, as always a good read. I am not too worried about the 49ers safety position in 2011, to be perfectly honest with you. We all knew that Taylor Mays would not be a playmaker from day one. Reggie Smith surprised me with his solid play. I'm happy with our safeties. (

Draft Spotlight: Nick Fairley (

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