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Caption This!

With the combine behind us and labor negotiations taking up most of the NFL news-space, but there isn't much that excited me less than riffing on a photo of DeMaurice Smith mugging for the camera.

Thankfully, we have the Pro Days. And yet, even those bring their own set of challenges to the Caption This! landscape. Cam Newton may make himself sound foolish from time to time, but he rarely seems to look foolish. I'll admit: Looking at photos of him, he looks downright cool.

Which is why it's a good thing the Human Flash decided to work out at his school's Pro Day. Scouts absolutely rave about his speed, but some still wonder about his future in the league. "He just has no hands," one scout told me. "No hands whatsoever." Another scout expressed concerns that he has no feet. To quote him directly: "I mean, his leg basically ends at the knee. I really can't figure out how he runs at all."

Enjoy this one. Use the comments to provide your own captions for this image. Rec' the ones you like the most. Last week's rec' winners were LondonNiner, Pat Willie, and ColoradoNiner. They tied. Who will it be this time?