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Niners Nation After Dark: UNLV Victory Thread

NN After Dark 2
NN After Dark 2

Welcome back to another edition of Niners Nation After Dark. For the first time I think since starting this feature I'm actually writing this post as midnight approaches, as opposed to writing it up a couple hours ahead and scheduling it for midnight. I'm writing it now because I just got home from a looooooong day of college basketball. I'm down in Las Vegas attending the Mountain West Conference's men's basketball tournament.

As a Las Vegas native I've been a UNLV fan my whole life and love getting a chance to see them. I've never seen them in postseason play so a buddy and I decided to come to Las Vegas for the tournament. Today we had four quarterfinals including BYU-TCU, New Mexico-Colorado State, San Diego State-Utah, and UNLV-Air Force. The first two games were the morning draw and were both quite close, with TCU giving Jimmer Fredette and BYU all they could handle. More importantly, my Runnin Rebels handled their business with Air Force, winning by 16 and setting up second round matchups of BYU-New Mexico and UNLV-San Diego State.

This was an event that was on my "bucket list." Everybody wants to go to Super Bowls and the Final Four, among other things. However, everybody has smaller random events they want to see at some point. Attending a conference tournament featuring UNLV was one such item on my list. What kind of events are on your sporting events bucket list that go beyond the obvious big name events?