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Golden Nuggets: Betrayed By The NFLPA

Yesterday, we had some really crummy news in regards to the NFL. The NFL Player's Association applied for decertification and we officially hit a lockout six hours ago. When all of this began, I was pro-NFLPA and I was essentially against a lot of the things that the owners were for. After seeing how it all played out, however, I feel like the NFLPA is one of my most hated organizations of all time. They never wanted to negotiate, and they want to eliminate the NFL draft, I mean ... what else is there to say? A lot, as it happens, there will be plenty said here on Niners Nation over the next couple days (and throughout the course of this mess) about what's going on. Beyond that, there is some pertinent 49ers linkage for you today. I'm also going to include some about the SaberCats, who you should totally pay attention to. Enjoy the linkage.

If you weren't around yesterday, here's a basic rundown of what went down and what's likely to go down. As I have said throughout this, I remain almost entirely pessimistic about the whole situation. (

Here's a more in-depth rundown, with specifics on times and what certain things mean. More than I care to read, honestly. (

Jim Harbaugh is getting a good look at TCU quarterback Andy Dalton. It's good that he's doing his homework, but Dalton is not on my list of quarterbacks I'd like at this point, but I have admittedly not done much research in that regard. (

It's all up in the air, that is to say, the 49ers future is up in the air. Nobody quite knows what will happen, but for the 49ers, it could be disastrous. (

People continue to reference how the stoppage could have an impact on the younger players who have yet to make their money in the NFL, but they generally fail to mention how missing time could be catastrophic for players who might not have much time left, like Takeo Spikes. (

We assume that Harbaugh will not be looking at a quarterback in the first round, and as noted by Sam Lam, Harbaugh attending Andy Dalton's pro day adds fuel to that fire. (

In this article, Matt Barrows is a complete jerk who brings up stuff that doesn't need to brought up. If you're a sucker for punishment, it's a look at the last time the 49ers were hunting for quarterbacks. (

Draft Spotlight: A.J. Green (

I was hoping there'd be some highlight videos at this point, but to no avail. Either way, the San Jose SaberCats kicked off their 2011 season in the Arena Football League last night and beat the defending champions 76-48. I'm not saying that you absolutely need to watch it, but I think it's insanely exciting, and with the labor situation ... you know. (

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