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Golden Nuggets: Oh, Von Miller...

We're well into a lockout, or maybe we're well into a potential lockout because it could also potentially be blocked. Potentially, we're nearing a real offseason, but we also could potentially be nearing months of nothingness. Potential ... a word to be feared all throughout football. Chilo Rachal has the potential to be a star, but the pendulum swings the other way with equal opportunity as he could simply never reach it and earn him a big fat "bust" label. JaMarcus Russell has one of those, but he had the good sense to get it blinged out and put on a platinum chain. I have a feeling that I know what will happen, but nobody knows anything for sure, except maybe Judge Doty. That being said, I considered posting the Nuggets today as just links with no intro or personal opinion, but it's not necessary. Things are not going to change, but I will try and ... rationalize my points out for you guys a little better. You guys get to hear about my life whether you like it or not, however. That being said, let's get to your linkage, folks.

Von Miller is involved in the lawsuit for reasons pertaining to the NFL Draft, obviously. As the article mentions, said reasons basically boil down to the rookie wage scale. These guys want their scrilla, and that's totally understandable. That being said, a rookie wage scale is absolutely crucial and the owner's need to stand firm if it comes down to negotiations on that front, again. At any rate, I agree that this shouldn't affect Miller's draft positioning in any way. (

Every team isn't necessarily in the same boat with this work stoppage, the 49ers are among the worst in that regard with their situation. I hadn't thought about the situation the Tennessee Titans face, I'd concede that they are in a position less desirable than the one in San Francisco. (

Here is even more information regarding what has happened, what could potentially be happening and what we don't want to happen, collectively. (

NFL Network's legal analyst had a short Q&A regarding the situation, but if you've read the previous links, there's not really any new information here. (

The 49ers could have a need at the center position on the offensive line. I think, regardless of what happens, they need to draft a guy if they have an opportunity to get a decent prospect who may have fallen. (

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