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2011 NFL Lockout and Niners Nation: Now What?

As you've seen over the past couple weeks, we've had plenty of 2011 NFL Lockout coverage. Part of that is due to the importance of it and helping folks better understand the issues. However, it also is a matter of practicality because there's just not a lot else going on. We've obviously got plenty to discuss with regards to the 2011 NFL Draft, but that can only take us so far.

Now that we're officially into the week after the NFL Lockout began, I wanted to open up a thread to generate some story ideas. We'll have plenty of draft coverage but after that if there has not been a resolution to the lockout, those summer months could drag quite a bit. Delays on free agency, minicamps, OTAs and lord only knows what else will significantly reduce the topics of discussion.

For now I was thinking we'd have another round of the Niners Nation all-time team voting. The last time we ran any vote on that was in September 2009. I'd say it's time to update that team. I'm not sure yet whether I'll start that before or after the draft. Beyond that I'm open to suggestions. A lot of times ideas for my posts come on the fly. I'll see a link and write about it, or I'll see some kind of recurring feature at another blog and use that idea.

No suggestion is stupid (I'd like to think), so feel free to post whatever ideas you might have. They're all welcome. And since you guys are the ones reading this site, it would hopefully improve your experience if I'm writing about things  about which you want to read.