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Golden Nuggets: Eliminate The Draft, Or Negotiating Ploy?

So the rumor now is that the NFLPA is telling potential draftees to boycott the NFL Draft. I am not positive if they legitimately seek to eliminate the draft, or if they're just strong-arming for negotiating purposes down the road, but it's seriously one of the sticking points in my whole "I Hate The NFLPA" campaign. To me, this is just bizarre. Year in and year out we hear these young players coming into the league talking about how the NFL Draft was their dream, how many times they sat there waiting to hear the commissioner say their name, their school, to inform them that they've made it in the NFL. Sure, some of these guys might like it better if there wasn't a draft, maybe they can get more money that way, but I am just now considering how this whole mess might be making some of these players feel, messing with their dream and all. Hm, food for thought, I suppose. Here's your links for the day, chumps.

Hey, that's pretty cool: the 49ers have announced a season ticket refund policy in the event that no football is played in 2011. I hope they don't have to exercise it. (

Sources are saying that the NFLPA is telling potential draftees to boycott he 2011 NFL Draft. Screw you, NFLPA. While we're here; screw you, owners. Just figured I'd cover all my bases. (

Apparently, the owners offered a ten-year CBA. I'd like for the new one (if and when it happens) to be for as long as possible. Negotiating is apparently beyond these people. (

It is 100% asinine to consider losing so one can draft a player the next season. I hate these stupid scenarios where someone asks whether or not it is a good thing the 49ers have a shorter offseason and less time to prepare. It's not a good thing. We don't need Jim Harbaugh to have his first season to be a disaster, we don't need to waste the roster we currently have. We need to win now. Losing is never an option. (

Matt Barrows posted his mock draft, proceeding as though the draft will be before free agency. I fully expect that to be the case, but as far as this particular mock goes ... really don't agree. (

This is a good piece that articulates my thoughts well, regarding the NFL Draft and what it means for players and fans. (

April 6th is the magic number right now, in regards to court rulings. Frankly, it's just another date to get our hopes up about before we realize that nothing is going to happen. (

Here's a look at how some of the other quarterback-tight end combinations around the league performed in 2010. (

Sando provides a good breakdown here of the value of the seventh overall pick in the draft. If you're just tuning in, that's where the 49ers pick, folks. (

Santa Clara is continuing to move to protect the funds for the 49ers stadium deal. (

Draft Spotlight: Mikel Leshoure (

Path to the Draft: Big Ten Week (

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