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Golden Nuggets: Wondering Who Won't Attend

Good morning folks, Ninjames here. We're in the lockout, or we're in something not entirely unlike a lockout that may or may not go through pending a ruling by a judge. Did I get that right? I believe I did. All we have to look forward to right now is the 2011 NFL Draft, which will take place this year regardless, but we're all a bit unsure of how it's actually going to look. I wonder which players will end up not attending at this point, because I'm absolutely certain that at least a few of them will heed the "urging" from the NFLPA or whatever it happens to be called these days. One thing I'd like to note: the stupidity of Adrian Peterson, or more accurately, the stupidity of what he said. Comparing the NFL to modern day racism is 100% idiotic and I personally have spent at least an hour laughing after hearing it. If he was trying to be funny, it worked, but nobody took him seriously. That being said, I'm running late so let's get to the links.

So I'm wondering as to why the owners are releasing specifics of their proposed deal, but the players are making very broad claims. Personally, I think both accounts are misconstrued, but that is a little weird to me. (\

The lockout isn't just affecting the top players and top potential draftees, it's being felt throughout, from top to bottom. Undrafted free agents will be especially worried, it seems.  (

Colin Kaepernick is definitely on the 49ers radar, as they've scheduled a private workout with him before his pro day. I like Kaepernick and would be OK with the 49ers drafting him. (

Vic Fangio didn't name any specifics in regards to the draft, but we do know that he wants to apply pressure ... and stop the pass ... and also the run ... and limit big plays .. and stop the screens. So basically he's a defensive coordinator. (

Draft Spotlight: Clayborn and Ballard (

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