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2011 NFL Draft: 49ers In Attendance For Reportedly Strong Christian Ponder NFL Pro Day

Florida State apparently held their 2011 NFL Pro Day today, which meant Christian Ponder got to put on a display for NFL scouts. I didn't have them on the table of Pro Days, but I know not every school is listed. The 49ers sent out scout Matt Malaspina as Ponder would seem to be a guy on the 49ers radar. Although he's created some very divided opinions here at Niners Nation, he's a quarterback and the 49ers are going to check out most quarterbacks. Additionally, he's a guy that some people think could fit into a West Coast offense scheme.

The public was not in attendance at the Pro Day but it sounds like the media was allowed in to observe. I say this because there have been a variety of tweets about the event quoting people like Mike Mayock. Unless Mayock was just guessing about how it went, I have to believe he was in attendance. Mayock reportedly said that Ponder had "[a]bove average arm strength. Excellent footwork. He continues to ascend."

Does a strong Pro Day make any difference to people with a negative opinion of what Ponder brings to the table. Everyone's entitled to their opinion but I'm curious if this affects it in one way or another. One thing of note is that since FSU had no senior wide receivers on hand, retired wide receiver Isaac Bruce filled in as he is a client of Ponder's agent Jimmy Sexton (tip of the cap to Sam Lam for that tidbit). Bruce was an excellent NFL wide receiver so does that help or hurt Ponder's case? Or does it really not matter at this point?