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Niners Nation 2011 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

As has become tradition, we're having our annual NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge. You can join our ESPN Bracket Challenge group where the password is 49ers. The 2011 is a bit different than in previous years with the addition of three more teams to bring the total field up to 68. We've had four play -in games, but you don't need to have picked them to take part in this year's bracket challenge. They were treated as one team so head in and make your picks.

If you have trouble with the link above, go over to the Bracket Challenge Front Page and do a search for the group Niners Nation. Once again, the password is 49ers. Winner gets bragging rights and all glory for the next 11 months until he finishes in last place next year.

I haven't won a bracket contest in years. The best showing I ever had was the first year I did a bracket in college and of course only entered on ESPN, so no money really to be won. It was 1998, which was the year Kentucky won the national title under Tubby Smith. I had a friend who went to Kentucky back then so I picked them to win it all. I hit the finals (Kentucky-Utah), the final four (Stanford, UNC), the elite 8, and 14 of the 16 sweet sixteen teams. I finished in the top 1% at ESPN but didn't win anything. It's been downhill ever since.