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Niners Nation After Dark: Which Championship Rules Other Championships?

NN After Dark 2
NN After Dark 2

Welcome to another evening of Niners Nation After Dark, where we don't get anywhere near as sleazy as some of the clubs in Las Vegas. I was down there last weekend and ended up at a club last Wednesday night and suffice to say the sleazy factor was off the charts. What was amazing was that most of it was confined to a single "couple" at one of the tables. He was married, she was not, and some serious cash was involved with a third party manager at the club. It was a sight to behold. Thank goodness we're not remotely as sleazy.

The madness is now officially upon us in America as the 2011 NCAA Tournament is underway. We've had four play-in games involving 11, 12, and 16 seeds as the field has been cut from 68 to 64. Although we're only at the early stages of the NCAA tournament, I think it provides an interesting topic of discussion: championship games and championships series. The NCAA tournament provides all sorts of insanity through March culminating in the Final Four at the end of March and beginning of April. I enjoy basketball enough, but the insanity factor is usually at its height in the early rounds of the tournament.

I'm curious which sport has the best championship game or championship series. So for the purposes of NCAA basketball, we're not talking about the first five rounds leading up to the national title game. I'm talking about the title game itself. So you'd be comparing the national title game, the Super Bowl, the World Series (the entire series), the NBA Finals, NHL Stanley Cup Finals, soccer's World Cup finals. The list goes on and on. Do you have a particular championship game/series that is your favorite? I'm not talking about a specific year, but rather the game/series in general.

When determining a "favorite" I think the pageantry surrounding the event is important to consider. After all, the pageantry can be what makes an event so great. At this point, given my lack of experience in some of the more international sports, I'd probably go with the World Series. While I love the 49ers, baseball remains the sport of my childhood. I enjoy the Super Bowl but the World Series brings a little something extra. Having it in October adds something to it that I can't describe. Anybody have other favorites?