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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay, Patrick Peterson And Our 49ers Mock Draft Database 2.4

ESPN NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay released his latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft (Insider-protected) and he has the 49ers selecting LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson, who has become a bit more regular in our 49ers Mock Draft Database. He joins ESPN's other major draft analyst, Mel Kiper Jr, who had the 49ers selecting Patrick Peterson last week. McShay had some fairly generic comments about the 49ers needs and Peterson:

The 49ers are looking for a quarterback to fit their West Coast system and would likely pass on Newton even if he were available, and in a dream scenario they would find a way to bring in Kevin Kolb from Philadelphia. That would allow San Francisco to fill a big need with one of the top three players on the board. Peterson's combination of size, athleticism and versatility are unmatched in this year's cornerback class.

To get Peterson down to the 49ers, McShay had the following top six draft order:

1. Carolina - Marcell Dareus, DT
2. Denver - Von Miller, OLB
3. Buffalo - Blaine Gabbert, QB
4. Cincinnati - A.J. Green, WR
5. Arizona - Cam Newton, QB
6. Cleveland - Da'Quan Bowers, DE

I didn't update the mock draft database last week due to my Vegas trip, so you'll have to compare this week's (after the jump and HERE) with the two week old mock draft database. This week we see cornerback picking up steam as the position of choice, and more specifically Patrick Peterson as the player of choice. Out of 30 mock drafts, Peterson was selected in 12 and the cornerback position was selected in 17.

Mock drafts are always fun to observe over the course of the NFL Draft season, but it's just as fun looking back at how far off some of these guys will be in five weeks. Of course, given that we're only talking about the top seven picks as far as the 49ers are concerned, the number of options is at least a little limited. There are players coming and going, but it seems like there's about 8-10 players bouncing into and out of the top seven picks. Trades could shake things up as far as what teams are taking the players, but the talent level appears set.

Feel free to mock me when I too am proven wrong as one team has a strange fixation with a player nobody has projected in the top seven. It's just the way these things play out.

2011 Mock Draft Database
Site (Last Update)
1st Rnd Pick Pos. College
SB Nation NFL - 3/14 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
Draft Tek - 3/15 Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
Walter Football - 3/15 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
Mocking the Draft - 3/15 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
Draft Countdown - 2/15 Robert Quinn OLB UNC - 3/14 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
Draft Ace - 3/14 Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
CBS Sports (Chad Reuter) - 3/14 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
CBS Sports (Rob Rang) - 3/14
Patrick Peterson
The Football Expert (Clearwater) - 3/2 Blaine Gabbert
QB Missouri
Yahoo! Shutdown Corner - 3/16 Da'Quan Bowers
DE Clemson
New NFL Draft - 3/14 Nick Fairley DT Auburn
NFL Mocks - 3/15 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
FF Jungle - 3/12 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
Draft King - 3/10 Patrick Peterson
NE Patriots Draft - 3/14 Da'Quan Bowers
DE Clemson
Mel Kiper - 3/9 Patrick Peterson
Todd McShay - 3/16 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
Steelers Universe - 3/5 Von Miller OLB Texas A&M
FF Toolbox (Dimon) - 3/16 Prince Amukamara
CB Nebraska
FF Toolbox (De Lima) - 3/16 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
FF Toolbox (Standig) - 3/2 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
FF Toolbox (Warner) - 3/4 Prince Amukamara
CB Nebraska
FF Toolbox (Weida) - 3/10 Patrick Peterson
FF Toolbox (Welser) - 3/14 Robert Quinn
Footballs Future - 3/7 Prince Amukamara
CB Nebraska
Bruno Boys - 3/12 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
Consensus Draft Services - 3/12 Marcell Dareus
DT Alabama
Fox Sports - 3/2 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
Draft Board Guru - 3/13 Robert Quinn OLB UNC

Results To Date -- 3/16/11
By Position
Position #
Defensive Tackle 2
Defensive End 2
By Player
Name #
Patrick Peterson
Prince Amukamara 5
Blaine Gabbert 5
Robert Quinn 3
Da'Quan Bowers 2
Von Miller 1
Marcell Dareus 1
Nick Fairley 1