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Golden Nuggets: Stop Changing Rules

Not only is the threat of a very gimped NFL season a reality, but now the league is making even more changes to the rules. I don't understand why they feel the need to reinvent the wheel every year. I'm all for more player safety, that's not something I'm going to take issue with (though it appears the league is just looking for more ways to get money), but changing kickoffs effectively eliminates the kick return game. Why would you make the change? I guess it's for player safety, but I really don't see that to be a big issue in this case. The rule change regarding every score being review-able also seems unnecessary to me, but at least that doesn't appear to be some gratuitous change that we don't need on any level. I believe we have a few 49ers-related links for you today, as we do occasionally talk about the Niners in the Golden Nuggets, once or twice. Here you go, enjoy.

The league, collectively, is a giant tease. The NFL 2011 schedule will still be released next month. I'll check it out, of course, but I imagine the day will be a depressing one in that vein. (

This is a piece talking about the 49ers definitely needing a quarterback, as evidenced by their workout with Colin Kaepernick, but I am posting it solely because of the top comment at the time I read it. "We should trade Frank Gore" is enough of a laugh in itself, but they are actually insinuating that the teams listed need Gore in that vein. I just don't get it sometimes. If you think he should be traded, I'd love to hear why. (

So the 49ers were at Christian Ponder's workout and most say that it went well. I'm honestly afraid to talk about Ponder, at this point. (

I'm going to assume that the 49ers end up with a cornerback in the first round, which is nice because here's a good look at some of the outside linebackers available in the second. (

The 49ers have a workout scheduled with Von Miller. I doubt he'll be there at the seventh pick, though. I'd much rather have Peterson. (

Here's a transcript of Matt Barrows' latest chat. (

49ers quarterback situation - Draft possibilities (

Draft Spotlight: Carimi and Mofitt (

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