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2011 NFL Draft: Stanford Hosts Pro Day Featuring Owen Marecic

Today's 2011 NFL Pro Days are arguably focused on the work of Blaine Gabbert at Missouri. However, just down the road from the 49ersthe Stanford Cardinal conducted their Pro Day. The Cardinal have some notable draft eligible players including Sione Fua and Ryan Whalen. However, today's focus would appear to have been fullback Owen Marecic. Fua only conducted a broad jump and vertical jump, but Marecic took part in a variety of drills.

It should not be surprising that the 49ers had a sizable contingent of coaches on hand for the Pro Day. Vico Fangio, Greg Roman, Tim Drevno, and Tom Rathman were all at the practice. Apparently Jim Harbaugh was in Missouri for Blaine Gabbert's Pro Day. That makes sense given the QB need, and Rathman would seem perfectly qualified to observe and talk with Marecic. According to Barrows, Marecic and Rathman chatted for over thirty minutes after the workout.

Marecic has been discussed as a fit for the west coast offense, and he would seem to be on the 49ers radar in some form. Assuming the 49ers don't make any trades in the upcoming draft, how high would you be willing to draft Marecic? This isn't a question of where they could get him, but rather it's simply how high you would draft Marecic in April?