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Golden Nuggets: NFL Labor And NFL Draft Discussions

Our man Ninjames is away from his computer so I'm covering the Nuggets for him tonight. I gotta be honest with you. Now that we're in the midst of March Madness I find myself a little bit distracted by NCAA basketball. If the NFL had free agency rolling right now I'd be paying a lot closer attention to things, but with no free agency and no player trades, it's hard to focus in on football. I keep an eye on draft talk, but I don't quite get into as much as some folks here. I think that's one reason it makes it easier for college basketball to distract me at this point.

Does anybody else have any distractions at this point in time? The NFL has developed into virtually a year-round business and suddenly that is threatened by the lockout. The reaction to the lockout and all parties involved goes to show just how big a deal the NFL really is at this point in time. It's really quite impressive actually. Anyway, on to the links....

Harbaugh attends Gabbert's pro day in Missouri (Maiocco)

Goodell makes league's case to NFL's players (Maiocco)

Niners, Rathman take a long look at Stanford's Marecic (Barrows)

Blaine Gabbert Assesses His Pro Day (CSN Bay Area)

Colin Kaepernick Is No Alex Smith (NBC Bay Area)

49ers Bracketology (

Draft Spotlight: Cameron Heyward (

Winter Fest Kicks Off In Tahoe (

Draft Watch: NFC West (

Chat Wrap: Serious Draft Considerations (

Health club can't beat these incentives (

Bulger, Palmer, Newton as QB options (

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