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Caption This!

Photo Courtesy Getty Images. Photographer: Ronald Martinez
Your Caption Here!

When coming up with this week's Caption This!, I toyed around with the idea of avoiding football images altogether. It only seems to make sense. There is no CBA agreement. The players union has decertified. The players are suing the owners. NFL stands for National Football Litigation right now. As of today, there actually is no football. So, I thought, as long as there is no football, as long as they don't have this resolved, why should the Caption This! stick to football images?

But then I remembered that we can always make fun of the Cowboys. Take a look:

"Cowboys players stand around for the post-game spread when Jerry Jones fails to order enough chairs on time."

"Mark Sanchez declined his invitation when he heard that hot dogs would not be served."

"Loser fatty Cowboy players act like fatties eating fat pie by the heaping, fatty forkful."

"Rex Ryan watches longingly in the background."

See how fun that is? Now it's your turn. Make fun of some Cowboys. Make fun of them good. Use the comments to provide your own captions, and rec' the ones you like the most. Last week's winner was MrHorrible.