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Golden Nuggets: 49ers? Yeah, I'm Over That.

It's 2:30 a.m. as I start today's Golden Nuggets, so apologies if they don't go up in time. I don't think I'll be as late as Fooch was when he covered for me yesterday, but this may not be up directly at three, and I know a couple people need the Nuggets to survive. Well, they're here folks, and they're not going anyway. You can exhale now, I promise. Anyway, I didn't pay attention to any goings-on in the NFL yesterday, just tweeted a little bit with a couple of you, which is always fun. I did watch the San Jose SaberCats beat the Kansas City Command 60-57 in an absolute thriller of an arena football game. I'll include my recap at the end of the Nuggets, once again, and perhaps a link to where you can watch the game if you so wish. That being said, I'm not sure what links I have for you, and I'm not going to check if they're repeats from yesterday. Because I can (not) do that. Suckas. Enjoy the links.

How would you grade Jed York's progress thus far as the acting "owner" of sorts for the 49ers? Personally, I think he's done very badly. I am, however, one of Jed's biggest supporters. I have said a number of times that I believe he'll be good at what he does someday. He stepped up to the plate and hired Mike Singletary - that was a swing and a miss, three times in a row. There wasn't contact, nothing; that was a flat-out strikeout. But he's got another at-bat. (

Eric Branch just took Matt Barrows and his draft crush to a whole new level with his piece on Adam Froman. Lost me, honestly - I know nothing about the kid, but Branch has inspired me to do some research. (

Could the 49ers be interested in Taiwan Jones? It's possible, but I'm hesitant to go after another injury prone running back. I mean, Frank Gore has worked out pretty well, I suppose, but it's still a headache I'd rather not have. Hard to argue with that speed, though. (

Here is a good summation, the best I've read thus far, of what's gone down with the CBA, what's going down with the CBA, and what could possibly go down with the CBA. (

A potential 49er or two scored low on the wonderlic, something that honestly does not matter to me at all. It really doesn't matter all that much, plus you can tell more about the intelligence of a person in one conversation than you can reading their wonderlic scores. I mean, I knew that Tre9er was a dolt and LondonNiner was slow in the head after just two comments. (

Should the 49ers be pursuing Kevin Kolb, seeing as how it appears the Eagles are fielding offers at this point in time? (

49ers Winter Fest: Friday (

Draft Spotlight: J.J. Watt (

And like I said, because I can, the San Jose SaberCats beat the Kansas City Command by a score of 60-57. The game came down to the final two seconds. San Jose scored with a minute left, then the Command scored with thirty seconds left, and the the SaberCats scored with two seconds remaining. How's that for an end? If you want the video, let me know. (

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