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Golden Nuggets: How'd The Cornerbacks Do?

Aw man, I missed the cornerbacks yesterday on the combine. I was busy doing other things, so I will be legitimately reading up on how everyone did today. I sincerely hope the 49ers make it out of the first round with Patrick Peterson, it just makes so much sense. I don't know how I'd feel about Prince Amukamara at this point, just because the level of talent available will still be better than the second best corner, I'm assuming. Anyway, the one pertinent bit of info I am privy to is the CBA news, thanks to our own smileyman. I've been pessimistic about this whole situation and I will continue to be pessimistic when it comes to a "big picture" view of all of the proceedings, but I do feel as though this will make a deal more likely. Or maybe it will shut everything down entirely and we're all screwed. Anyway, let's get to your links.

If you missed the developments for the CBA talk, I recommend you read smileyman's post, and maybe this one for further reading. (

Greg McElroy is smart, like ... really smart. Or at least he thinks the way you need to think to get a 48 on the wonderlic, which is pretty impressive regardless. (

It sure is nice to read this, something along the lines of the 49ers being able to pick a top player from a position of need at pick seven. That really is awesome, I just hope it's not quarterback at this point. (

Hey look at that, Marvin Lewis isn't so sure that Carson Palmer will be back in Cincinnati next season. I'm not too sure I'd want him on the 49ers at this point, but that's just me. (

The combine is now over, and with it goes some perceptions regarding a few players. I can't believe Fairley is suddenly barely worthy of a top fifteen pick, people take the combine too far at times. (

49ers Pioneer Wally Yonamine Passes (

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