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Golden Nuggets: Whoops, Late

So that's another day of not paying attention to NFL or 49ers-related news, for me. My yesterday consisted of being sick, re-watching the San Jose SaberCats game and watching UFC 128 on pay-per-view. If you're wondering, two of those were entirely awesome experiences, can you guess which? Well, the SaberCats are always awesome, and UFC 128 seriously delivered on every level. One of my favorite fighters, Edson Barboza won his fight, and did some crazy spinning back kick that was awesome. That's one thing I've always liked more about MMA over the NFL, when two high level fighters are about to fight, I freak out. "Oh my God, is this really about to happen?! Oh man!" and things of that nature. Obviously, I get excited about football games, but it's never me freaking out wondering what's going to happen. That's just what happens when it's one guy against another. It applies for boxing and the like as well. Now that I've talked about something none of you care about, here's some links. And I got busy with other things and now the Nuggets are late, so I'm just going to list them.

Aubrayo Franklin is likely to test the free agent market. I'm assuming the 49ers will be able to retain his services in 2011. I think it's greater than a 75% chance that they are able to. (

49ers, coach Jim Harbaugh hit road to find perfect fit at quarterback (

The links: Different incentives for Harbaughs, Vernon (

Jim Harbaugh talks (

Santa Clara's next idea to keep stadium money from state: Give it to 49ers (

Brother against brother: Harbaughs set to clash next season (

49ers Winter Fest: Saturday (

Statement From NFL Executive VP Jeff Pash (

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Being a Sheep

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