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Golden Nuggets: Kevin Kolb Too Rich For My Blood

It appears a team has already submitted a first round offer for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb. As you all know, I am not Kolb's biggest fan and there are many reasons for this, but what's important is that I do not believe him to be worth a first round pick, and Maiocco (and myself) is assuming that the 49ers agree with those sentiments, or at least that he's not worth a top-ten overall pick. Bummer, right? San Francisco will have to look elsewhere for its quarterback of the future, and I imagine it will be in the draft, potentially with a veteran coming in free agency to start for a year or so. Like I said before, the guy I'd make a call to first would be Chad Pennington, to see how his arm is holding up. I've still got a short list of other guys, but for now, let's move on to your linkage for the day.

Now, it's not expressly stated that he definitely is out of reach for the 49ers, just noted that it's unlikely they're willing to pay the reported price to get Kolb. I am hard on the guy, potentially unfairly at times, but there is no plane of existence in which he's worth the seventh overall pick. (

Ah yes, the 26-27-60 theory: always a good discussion point. Out of those quarterbacks listed, I like Ponder the most, with McElroy having solid potential in the right offense, which happens to be a West Coast Offense. McElroy, though, would probably require a lot more time sitting and learning than the other guys. Not surprised that Cam Newton only passes one of them, but it's not as though it's a reliable indicator. He's just not very good. (

Joe Nedney has some opinions regarding the proposed kickoff rule. I share his opinions, mostly in that I think it's the dumbest proposed rule change in recent memory and I would care significantly less about football if they changed it, mostly on principle. (

Justin Smith and Joe Staley are organizing offseason workouts with fellow players, which I love. I'm totally for it and hope they continue, it shows they are serious. (

Here's a piece I can't read right now (eight minutes left to post the Nuggets), but it's a piece on Jim Harbaugh from Sando, coming after he said that Harbaugh was one of the most dedicated guys in football the other day. So I'm assuming this piece about football making him tick is going to be a good read. (

Path to the Draft: ACC Week (

Patrick Willis was nominated for the Madden NFL 12 cover, but I sincerely hope none of you vote for him. That curse is real. (

Draft Spotlight: Anthony Castonzo (

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