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Niners Nation After Dark: Who Would You Replace?

NN After Dark 2
NN After Dark 2

Welcome back to Niners Nation where even if though it's raining in San Francisco, we can still enjoy ourselves. The upside to this club is not having to worry about standing in line in the rain. All I have to say is this rain better end soon. It's been raining on and off for a week now and is expected to continue through the weekend. I am not a fan.

Last night in NN After Dark I mentioned how a league spokesman mentioned the possibility of replacement players in 2011. Roger Goodell indicated the league has not considered it, but one has to imagine that if the owners can get away with it, this issue could end up on the table.

Whether you're for replacement players or not, I had an idea for a little exercise, inspired by a friend's post on Facebook. He played high school and I think some college football and he basically said, if the league used replacement players then sign him up. That got me thinking, some if not most of us are not in shape to play in a professional league, let alone play in some summer leagues. However, that shouldn't stop us from imagining the possibilities. So, if you had the chance to play some replacement level football (please forget the "scab" issues if you're strongly pro-union), what position would you play?

I'd probably end up as a wide receiver or a safety. Wide receiver would be fun just because of the big play potential. I don't have sprinter's speed but I have some decent distance speed, so I could potentially be running some deep routes. On defense, I feel like my distance speed would work better as a safety rather than a cornerback. I've played cornerback in friendly games and generally get burned fairly quickly because I lack that initial burst. However, I have the distance speed to make up some ground if a wide receiver gets past the corner. Where do you see yourself?