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Golden Nuggets: Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming In 49erland

Good morning everyone, did you miss me? We had a bit of a hiccup yesterday and I was not able to post the Golden Nuggets for your perusal, I apologize for that. Long story short, I was not in a position to do them correctly at that point, and had to wake up really in the morning to open up my 8:00 a.m. post on Isaac Sopoaga, scratch my head and wonder why I randomly talked about mock drafts and scrapped the whole thing for a complete re-write whilst suffering a splitting headache. Seriously, I don't know what I was talking about in the post, but had it went through I think people would have feared for my sanity. That being said, we've got plenty of 49ers-related links for you today, seeing as we had none yesterday. I see early on that we have some Kevin Kolb talk, which I hoped we'd be done with by now, but yeah. Let's get to your linkage, enjoy folks.

It's likely that the 49ers were in violation of the rule regarding contact with players prior to the lockout. I don't see it as a very big deal, seeing as how the lockout itself is very childish. I think it should be within teams' rights to talk to their outgoing free agents with the way things are looking right now. Fine us, whatever. (

Jim Harbaugh is the kind of guy who will bite off more than he can chew - and then chew it. He's the kind of guy who will give someone the last laugh - and then laugh anyway. Jim Harbaugh hits on a woman at a bar, she tells him that she's not into guys, and all he thinks is "challenge accepted." He's the kind of guy who is proud that he was the fastest out of a million other sperm. I'd call him a winner, but Charlie Sheen and the internet has ruined the word, like "epic" and others before it. The point of all this is to note that Harbaugh is embracing his situation. These are uncharted waters, and he's at the helm screaming for the horizon. He's so awesome, I can break site decorum: what a badass. (

This article mentions that the kickoff rule change increases the likelihood that the 49ers draft a strong-legged kicker. I'd say that's fair, but I also disagree entirely that the rule change will at all have an effect on LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson's draft status. That's absolutely insane to think his return ability has any bearing on whether he goes in the top six or top seven. (

Could there be a UFL-NFL scrimmage in the future with the lockout? Honestly, I think there is no chance. Number one, it wouldn't be called a "scrimmage," it would be called a "beatdown." Number two, the players know that the NFL is their home and their best chance to make a lot of money. NFL players don't get paid the amount they do just because of their ability to play football - they get paid the amount they do proportionate to the revenue they draw. Maybe the UFL gets a ratings boost, maybe things look up for them, but there is no way that the players will be better off there, and thus would be best-served to not assist the league in any way. The UFL claims to not be a competitor with the NFL, but their seasonal schedule begs to differ. (

Fabrizio Scaccia will probably be literally unaffected by the kickoff rule change. The guy has a rocket for a leg and touchbacks would be happening for him regardless. (

The Philadelphia Eagles are working out Colin Kaepernick, which isn't as big of a deal as this article makes it out to be. Of course they want to draft one of these developmental guys since this draft is so heavy on them. Michael Vick is getting old and it's almost certain that Kevin Kolb will be traded. I don't think this affects the 49ers in any way that wasn't expected ... it's not going to force them to go for Kolb or anything like that. It would just be another team going after a potential target that the 49ers may or may not have any lingering interest in after his private workout. (

The 49ers are going to work out Justin Houston, which I suppose is a good thing. I like him and all, but I don't see him being around in the second round and I definitely do not see him going at the seventh overall pick. I think I would riot at that point. (

Jim Harbaugh referred to Cam Newton as "plutonium-grade raw material." He had many good things to say regarding the Auburn quarterback, but I personally see it as posturing more than anything. I do not see a scenario where the 49ers legitimately consider taking him at seven if he's still around. (

Would you like to see the 49ers on Hard Knocks? Personally, I'd love it. I don't see the show as a big distraction and I'll take as much 49ers as I can possibly get at this point. (

NFL Commends California Concussion Legislation (

Draft Spotlight: Brandon Harris (

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