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Niners Nation After Dark: 2011 NFL Draft Resources

NN After Dark 2
NN After Dark 2

Welcome back to Niners Nation After Dark, where the NFL Lockout just gives us an excuse for all the more 2011 NFL Draft coverage. Since there's no free agency and no player trades until a new NFL CBA is reached, that leaves us with primarily NFL Draft coverage. Given the amount of discussion that goes into draft topics, I can't imagine that's the worst thing in the world.

However, given the increase in draft coverage and discussion I feel like I need to consider more resources in my research on the subject. When I find a player I don't know much about, I generally will do a google search of the player with scouting report or nfl draft alongside the name. Such searches bring a variety of searches, but several repeat sites. The prominent ones that pop up for scouting reports are NFL Draft Scout and FF Toolbox. What's interesting about NFL Draft Scout is that if you go to it takes you to CBS Sports NFL Draft coverage. I say this is odd because even given their relationship, there are two different versions of the site. Using San Diego State wide receiver Vincent Brown as an example, the CBS Sports version of his page looks like this, while the NFL Draft Scout version looks like this. That's not really important, but just something I wanted to mention.

Beyond those two sites, I of course spend plenty of time at mocking the I also frequently visit's Scouts Inc coverage. Finally I visit,, and Each site has its pluses and minuses but I like getting a mix of opinions. I visit plenty of other sites in my googling, but I don't have anything else in particular bookmarked at this point. I wanted to open the floor up for suggestions on draft sites I should consider. I'm open to any and all suggestions to further my own knowledge on draft matters. I do visit but I'm looking more for scouting reports and other such information as opposed to just rankings.