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Golden Nuggets: Pardon, But I Really Don't Care

Good morning everyone, Ninjames here with your Golden Nuggets and ready to get Tre9er in trouble on Twitter yet again. Yesterday was fun; we had people who couldn't read, people who took LondonNiner seriously and as something other than a rather sarcastic but infinitely polite (do they exist as anything other than polite?) Brit, and good activity in the Nuggets. I love me some comments in the Nuggets, you see. We're in the offseason, but for some reason I feel like we have more links now than offseasons prior, which ... kind of does and does not make sense at the same time. It's like, nothing is happening, but the nothing that is(n't) happening is news because something needs to happen. I think .... maybe. Anyway, there's a solid amount of links today, so let's get to them, yeah?

Maiocco has released his second mock draft, and in it, he has Patrick Peterson out of LSU going to the 49ers at seven. I think it's a pretty good mock, better than Barrows - no offense to him of course. Wouldn't the Browns be absolutely stoked to land A.J. Green? (

A tweet from Vernon Davis last month seems to indicate that the 49ers are definitely one of the five teams fined by the league for player-staff contact. Forgive me if I'm not really interested in this, because I don't see it as a big deal. Kind of silly for him to tweet that, either way. (

Von Miller is due for a visit ... wouldn't it be lovely if he fell to the seventh overall pick? I doubt that he will, but it sure would be great if he did. I think if I were to choose between Miller and Peterson, however, I'd go with Peterson. The 49ers just desperately need a cornerback. (

Vic Fangio isn't a huge supporter of viewing game tape, and I honestly find his point of view on the matter to be refreshing. (

Not among the players the 49ers will be trying out is Cam Newton. Hallelujah. (

49ers tight end analysis. Safe to say there's nothing that needs improvement here. (

Kicker Kai Forbath is scheduled to work out for the Niners. I like it, bring him in. (

Here's a replay/transcript of Barrows' latest chat. (

Draft Spotlight: UNC Tar Heels (

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