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2011 NFL Draft, 50 in 50: Derek Sherrod - OT - Mississippi State (15 of 50)

The 49ers went out and spent two first round picks on offensive lineman last year, so it doesn't look like they will be spending any high round picks on one this year. That would exclude some of the higher round talent from this draft more than likely.

However, when I put this years 50 in 50 list together, I wanted there to be a good combination of 49ers needs as well as a top 50 big board type of thing. Some folks that read these reviews don't really start following until the draft gets a bit closer.

Some Niners fans though do not feel that Anthony Davis was all too great a selection for as high as he was But there is little chance that they give up on him after only one season. Afterall, the kid was only 20-years old starting in his first NFL season. Sometimes it can be dangerous to start a player that young for confidence reasons. Last year, we saw countless false starts by the young rookie. Hopefully this year he will find a bit more comfort with the speed of the game as well as his technique as a pro.

There may not be much interest here for every Niner fan in regards to Derek Sherrod (other than him being one of Anthony Dixon's best blockers the year before), but I'd like to take a look anyhow considering he is one of the better prospects at his position this year.

This video here displays all of what Derek Sherrod is good at and not so much of what he is bad at. As can be seen, Sherrod shows great lateral movement and usage of his hands to keep defenders honest. He gets good momentum in the run game but has shown that his strong suit is in pass blocking.


Summary: Out of all the lineman coming out this year, I believe that Derek Sherrod has the highest ceiling. Guys like Anthony Castonzo, Nate Solder, and Gabe Carimi may get better initial reviews, but if we placed bets on who would finish with a better all around career, I would place my money on Sherrod.

PREDICTION: 2nd - 3rd Round.