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San Francisco 49ers 2011 NFL Draft Picks: Twelve Regular, Compensatory Choices

We've been discussing the 2011 NFL Draft since not too long after the 2010 NFL Draft. As the season wore on we figured out the 49ers regular draft choices, starting with the seventh overall. Yesterday afternoon the NFL released a list of all of the compensatory picks that were awarded around the league, giving the 49ers twelve total picks in the upcoming draft. I thought it would be useful to have a single page with a rundown of every 49ers pick. Most people know the drill, but for those that don't, compensatory picks cannot be traded. Thus, the 49ers have ten picks they can deal, with 238 and 249 as the exceptions out of the twelve.

1. First round, No. 7 (7th overall)
2. Second round, No. 13 (45th overall)
3. Third round, No. 12 (76th overall)
4. Fourth round, No. 11 (108th overall)
5. Fourth round, No. 18 (115th overall, from San Diego in 2010 draft-day trade)
6. Fifth round, No. 10 (141st overall)
7. Sixth round, No. 9 (174th overall)
8. Sixth round, No. 25 (190th overall, from Seattle for DT Kentwan Balmer)
9. Seventh round, No. 8 (210th overall)
10. Seventh round, No. 30 (230th overall, from Detroit for QB Shaun Hill) (Jets original pick in the round)
11. Seventh round, No. 38 (238th overall, compensatory)
12. Seventh round, No. 49 (249th overall, compensatory)

Just for the heck of it, I've posted some of the players the 49ers have drafted at each of the above overall draft slots. It is not meant to be predictive of 2011 draft picks, but it's at least a little entertaining. The list is by overall pick, as opposed to the pick number within a given round.

No. 7 - DE Andre Carter (2001), DT Bryant Young (1994), TE Ken MacAfee (1978), TE Ted Kwalick (1969)
No. 45 - RB Amp Lee (1992), RB Ricky Watters (1991)
No. 76 - WR Jason Hill (2007), G Brian Bollinger (1992), WR John Taylor (1986)
No. 108 - S John Keith (2000)
No. 115 - No picks
No. 141 - DB Mike Burns (1977), WR Lee Johnson (1968)
No. 174 - WR Josh Morgan (2008), WR Rasheed Marshall (2005), John Mitchell (1973)
No. 190 - No picks
No. 210 - LB Bobby Leopold (1980)
No. 230 - TE Brian Jennings (2000), Ceasar Douglas (1975)
No. 238 - Herb Coleman (1995)
No. 249 - TE Billy Bajema (2005), WR Dwight Clark (1979), Steve McDaniels (1978)