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Golden Nuggets: Draft Picks Are Draft Picks, Seventh Round Or Not

Hey look, we have some pertinent news regarding the 49ers today in the Nuggets. Unfortunately, that news pertains to seventh round picks and not much else. I know more draft picks is always a good thing, but forgive me if I'm not jumping for joy because the 49ers now can land one of those guys who would be undrafted free agents. I'm also going to point out that I'm writing this post earlier than usual so there might be some linkage that I miss. If you find something, that may go up at midnight or later, go ahead and post the link in the comments and make fun of me for my lack of diligence. Anyway, there's more than just the links regarding the compensatory draft picks, but it still mostly pertains to the NFL Draft, as you can expect. Let's get to it, enjoy the linkage, chiiiildren.

The 49ers were awarded two compensatory draft picks, due to losing Tony Pashos and Arnaz Battle, respectively. They're both seventh rounders, but they're better than nothing. The 49ers just worked out UCLA kicker Kai Forbath yesterday, and I imagine they'll schedule more workouts with kickers and one of those seventh rounders could go to that position. (

I completely disagree with the notion that the 49ers should trade back in the draft. The reasoning used is that the top-end of the draft is full of risky players. I seriously disagree with that on every level. If they were sitting around the 12th pick or something like that, maybe, but at seven they stand a chance to get Patrick Peterson, Von Miller, Nick Fairley, A.J. Green or Prince Amukamara, who, in my mind are top guys that don't have much risk. Just completely off base here, in my opinion. (

I agree with this piece that suggests the 49ers should avoid drafting one of the top receivers. It's just not a huge need right now, and more youth is not what this offense needs. (

Nick Fairley is another player that the 49ers will be working out before the draft. I would be perfectly fine with Fairley at seven, so long as he doesn't go ahead of someone like Von Miller or Patrick Peterson. I think I'd rather have Prince Amukamara as well. (

Here's a good look at the so-called "second tier" of quarterbacks in the 2011 NFL Draft class. (

If you've been reading for awhile, you'd know that I was very big on Ryan Mallett coming into this past NCAAF season, but I decided early on that he wasn't the quarterback I thought he was. I still think he can turn out to be good in the pros, but I'm not sure he fits into the 49ers offense. Either way, they're working him out, and I'm sure they know more than I do. (

Michael Lombardi has identified the 49ers as the likely landing spot for quarterback Marc Bulger. I like Bulger and I think he would be a good stopgap, but he's not my top guy to pursue as a veteran. (

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