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2011 NFL Draft: The 49ers And Trading The Seventh Overall Pick

There's been buzz about the 49ers potentially trading the seventh overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. To trade down, of course, and I meet this suggestions with a fair bit of confusion and more than a little bit of "what'chu talkin' 'bout?" We have significant needs at outside linebacker, cornerback and quarterback, and stand a chance to address the first two at the seventh pick and the latter in the second round. Nate Clements can't do it alone, and Manny Lawson does everything but rush the passer at a high level, so he needs someone across from him - if he's even back in 2011.

I know that there's benefits to trading back, there always is. I just don't see why the 49ers would, if they stand to fill a position of need at seven, why trade back and "maybe" fill it later? When the NFC West is this close and the 49ers opened as co-favorites to win it after the year they had last year, I think you go for the throat and fill that big need with the big name as soon as possible. I have noticed people that generally say "trade" in every scenario, but this is for the people who legitimately give things some thought.

I'd imagine most of the people who call for the team to trade back are interested in acquiring the services of someone like Christian Ponder or Jake Locker, who are guys who could be going in the middle-to-back-end of the first. Personally, I don't see it. The reason for that is simple: Prince Amukamara.

I don't see a scenario where Prince Amukamara is gone at the seventh pick and I don't see any corners after him who have as little bust potential and as high a ceiling. I firmly believe that there are starting corners in rounds two and three, but Amukamara is a legitimate number one corner and the 49ers should absolutely take him. Trading back in the first round would lose them Amukamara, but potentially earn them .... what exactly? Potentially a fourth or a third round pick, maybe something next year. I just don't think the gain is worth passing on Amukamara.

Someone like Phil Taylor is an option later in the round, as is a guy like Aldon Smith or Akeem Ayers, I wouldn't be upset if they traded back and ended up with any of those guys, but still, to me, Amukamara is the better pick. I'm going to set up a poll for those of you who think the 49ers should be trading back, I want to understand where you're coming from.