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Golden Nuggets: 12 Picks? Are You Even Trying, Rest Of NFL?

Good morning folks, Ninjames here with your Nuggets. I think we had some good discussion yesterday in regards to potentially trading back in the first round or out of it entirely, and I understand where you folks are coming from a bit better. The consensus was basically that the 49ers need to keep the pick and use it, barring some sort of can't-miss deal. I personally do not want it to happen at all, in almost any scenario. If all else fails, select Patrick Peterson - I would be very satisfied with that. Beyond that particular discussion, I don't know what went down or if there's any pertinent links today, as I spent yesterday doing other things and watching the UFC Fight Night card, in which all of my fighters won and I feel pumped for that. Also watched a good bit of tennis. I think I'll survive if a lockout stretched into football time, what about you? Will you make it? Do you have sports that will be on at that point? Here's some links, folks.

Just in case you didn't know, the 49ers now lead the league with twelve picks in the 2011 NFL Draft. Pretty ballin'. (

Here's a brief explanation of how compensatory picks are awarded to each teams. When I take a big step back, I can say that I liked Arnaz Battle, he was dependable as a receiver for a long time when he really should never have been a one or two guy ... but his final season - those punt returns - I just cannot erase them from my mind. Happy to turn him into a seventh round kick, potentially a kicker of the future. (

Where does Vernon Davis rank among other tight ends around the league? I personally have him in the top three, and can't see any scenario in which he's out of the top five. (

Here's Sando's latest mailbag post, generally a good read, especially if you like extremely outlandish questions with impossibly in-depth scenarios. (

Sam Lam continued his free agency previews with a look at the wide receivers. If the 49ers add a receiver that they expect to be a big factor in 2011, it will be in free agency, not in the draft. This unit does not need more youth. (

The 49ers have a good list of players they've worked out and are going to be working out. I like most of these names here. (

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