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Niners Nation After Dark: Rooting For Underdogs?

NN After Dark 2
NN After Dark 2

Welcome back to Niners Nation After Dark, where underdogs and Cinderellas are all the rage. A week ago our NN After Dark post discussed the crazy finishes from the first weekend of the 2011 NCAA tournament. It's not a week later and the insanity continued. In a season that saw top teams get knocked off left, right and center, it's rather fitting that the 2011 NCAA Tournament was even crazier.

We're headed to the Final Four with a three seed, a four seed, an eight seed and an eleven seed. In our tourney bracket group, two people have Connecticut winning it all and one person has Kentucky winning it all. Right now it appears that if Kentucky advances to the title game and loses, we'd go to the tiebreaker between these_3_words and UdubDawg_28. If Kentucky wins it all, these_3_words wins. If Connecticut wins it all, seymouralan1 would appear to be our winner.

Last week we briefly discussed the idea of Cinderellas and teams playing at the top of their game. As you look at the current Final Four, and compare it across sports, would you rather see the best teams playing for the title, or do you like seeing the upstarts get their chance in the sun? Does the product suffer with lower seeds? Or are they playing at a sufficiently high level that it doesn't matter?