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Patrick Willis Advances Past 12th Man In Madden NFL 12 Cover Vote

Our own Patrick Willis has advanced past the initial round in the voting for who will be on the cover of EA's Madden NFL 12 video game. He was up against the 12th Man of Seattle Seahawks fame, in what turned out to be a close match. I honestly expected him to pull more than 54%, but I guess when you literally represent fandom, you're going to do well in fan voting.

Willis now advances to take on Hines Ward, who obliterated Carlos Dunlap in his first round matchup, getting 72% on the Bengals lineman. Ward is a formidable wide receiver and the Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase should not be underestimated. It's a popularity contest above all-else, and the Steelers definitely have a larger fanbase, so this will be an uphill battle for Willis. At least he's a better player.

Two NFC West rivals were vanquished in the first round, with Larry Fitzgerald falling and the aforementioned 12th Man not making it past Willis. Sam Bradford surged ahead, as the one to bounce Fitzgerald out of the tournament. Bradford takes on Aaron Rodgers in the second round, and I anticipate he will lose badly.

That being said, I don't want Willis on the cover. I'm not superstitious about much, or anything at all - outside of my sports. If I turn on a baseball game, and the other team scores, I turn it right back off and am now allowed to watch it any further. If I get a phone call and the Sharks score a goal, well guess what? That person has to talk to me the rest of the game. And of course, the Madden Curse is real. Absolutely real.

Doesn't mean you shouldn't vote for him, I wouldn't mind he smash Hines Ward in epic fashion. So go vote, fools.