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Niners Nation After Dark: Baseball's Return....

NN After Dark 2
NN After Dark 2

Welcome back to Niners Nation After Dark, where we're just a wee bit excited about the return of Major League Baseball in 2011. While I love the NFL and the 49ers are my favorite team in sports, baseball remains my favorite sport. Given the annoyance that is the NFL Lockout, I might actually be looking forward to baseball more than normal. It helps that the A's are in a position to make some noise this year, but it's also nice to have a sport without a labor dispute at the moment.

Although the lockout might not last into next season, it seems likely to drag into the summer at least. If that's the case, we'll do our best to distract you but you'll likely need to find something to keep your mind occupied. Ideally you could spend every waking moment at NN (if you don't already), but I realize that might not be the case for everybody. So, how do you plan on occupying your time over the coming months? Hopefully it doesn't come to many months to resolve this, but I lean towards the belief that the two sides have settled in for the long haul. You might be forced to actually rake leaves or mow the lawn. We need to come up with better alternatives to that in the meantime!

On an unrelated note, I put up a FanPost looking for people interested in operating as moderators here at the site. If you haven't read over the FanPost yet, please take a minute to at least check it out.