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Golden Nuggets: It's Mocking Time!

I've decided to throw my hat in to the ring of mocking drafts, after reading all of these day-in and day-out. So to get things started, head on over to SB Nation Bay Area and read what we've got so far. We started with the first pick yesterday, and going forward, there will be three picks a day from me and my colleague over there. What else can we expect today? Well, the usual assortment of draft-related articles ... I can't believe it's still a month away, with all the discussion, I feel like it should be this weekend or something like that. I suppose it's due to the lack of free agency and things of that nature to take up time. Right about now we'd be talking about how free agency is wrapping up and how the 49ers needs are looking, and also how awesome it is that they signed Nnamdi Asomugha ... it could happen. Enjoy the links.

Could the 49ers be interested in acquiring the services of Josh Johnson? I am a fan of his, and I personally would be alright with the Niners trading for him, I consider him accurate and intelligent, but he is still very raw and cannot be the sole option going forward. For what it's worth, that "rumor" is not a rumor at all. It's complete and utter speculation based on somebody over the finally finding out that Harbaugh has connections with him. (

Patrick Peterson is coming to town! But only for a workout, we didn't somehow land him before the draft. Too bad it's not like land development ... make a couple friends, wait until all the other bids are in and then slide right in at the top to win it. Why can't it be that easy for Peterson? What kind of world do we live in where we can't simply bride our way to a starting cornerback? So lame. (

Work on the new 49ers stadium has started ... sort of. It's touch-and-go at the moment, but some preliminary work is being done, which is good. (

Would the 49ers trade up to get their quarterback? If they like Christian Ponder enough, I could see them going back into the first round, sure. (

Here's a look at upcoming offensive line free agents. I don't anticipate the 49ers will bring in any new outside offensive linemen who aren't practice squad bodies. (

Dwight Clark recalls '80s NFL work stoppages. (

49ers coaches have seen plenty of Locker (

Draft Spotlight: Blaine Gabbert (

Path to the Draft: Big-12 Week (

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