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Golden Nuggets: Good Moves For 49ers, If They Can Stick

Well look at that, we actually have some pertinent 49ers-related news today that doesn't have to do with the combine or the draft. Some moves were made regarding potential free agents of the restricted variety, but I'm really unsure if it will make a difference in any of the three cases. I honestly don't even have an opinion regarding how I think it will shape out when and if a deal actually gets done, the only opinion I have presently is the pessimistic view that things will not get done. Not any time soon and especially not in time for the deadline in, oh, 24 hours. Either way, I'm doing the Nuggets early once again because I am exhausted, so if some things are posted by the time the Nuggets go up, do feel free to post it in the comment section for everyone else. As it stands, there's not a ton, so let's get to them straight away. Enjoy.

The 49ers sent tenders to Manny Lawson, Ray McDonald and Dashon Goldson. I would quite honestly like to have all three of them back, as well as the recently tendered C.J. Spillman. It would be great if the 49ers could hold onto Lawson, and get a pass-rushing outside linebacker early in the draft, would that not be an insane group of linebackers? Goldson had a down year, but he's necessary. McDonald can only do one thing really well, but he's consistent with it. (

Cornerback Prince Amukamara is rising up draft boards, and I'm finding him a more plausible option every day. Did his combine performance take away the "reach" factor at the seventh overall pick? (

While Amukamara might have brought himself within the 49ers grasp at the seventh pick, the consensus number one corner, Patrick Peterson, may have boosted himself out of their reach. (

Quarterback Troy Smith could have been on that list of players the 49ers tendered, but he is not. Safe to say the 49ers will not be making any effort to re-sign him in whatever form of free agency we have this year. (

Could Carson Palmer end up on the 49ers? I sincerely doubt it. Despite the lame-ness of the actual "point" of this article, it's always worth discussing. (

I will never understand why somebody would submit such thorough hypothetical scenarios like the one at the top of Sando's latest mailbag post, it would make an awful lot more sense to jut ask whether or not Frank Gore should be considered for trade. I'll give you a hint: no. Not under any circumstances should the 49ers consider 

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