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2011 NFL Mock Draft Database, Post-NFL Combine Edition - 49ers Draft Predictions 1.4

Mock Draft Wrong Bunch
Mock Draft Wrong Bunch

The 2011 NFL Combine wrapped up on Tuesday, leaving us with a final seven week stretch before the 2011 NFL Draft. Now that the Combine is over I've updated our 2011 NFL Mock Draft database looking at potential first rounds picks for the 49ers. Not all mocks have updated in the last couple days, but a lot of them are reflecting Combine results.

The month of March will feature Pro Days but barring disasters I would imagine those wouldn't cause too much shuffling in draft boards. At this point interviews and drug tests would seem to be that most significant things remaining that could sink draft stock. Of course, that won't stop mock drafts from flip-flopping all over the place. For the most part it appears as though the mocks are settling in to a relatively small group of players at the seventh overall pick. Last week's mock draft database update had eight players involved, while this week's has six players.

Patrick Peterson remains the top guy, although as more mocks update following his strong showing at the Combine I have a feeling his appearances in 49ers mocks will diminish. That's not to say he won't slide down to the 49ers. However, he's done just about as much as he can to propel himself close to the top of many draft boards.

Blaine Gabbert has picked up a little momentum with seven appearances this week. Walter Football tried to provide some justifications for projecting Gabbert to the 49ers. Some were a bit flimsy. They went into the whole Harbaugh trying to recruit Gabbert:

2. I recently recalled that Jim Harbaugh attempted to recruit Gabbert. Gabbert played in a spread offense at Missouri, but ran a pro-style attack in high school. In fact, Gabbert initially wanted to go to Nebraska because of Bill Callahan's West Coast scheme.

I hadn't read about Gabbert's high school offense, but if that's true, does that change any views given his time in the spread at Missouri? I'd be curious to hear what Gabbert has to say about his decision to go to Missouri instead of Nebraska and his evolution into a spread quarterback. He says he's been working on taking snaps under center, but we'll have to wait and see how that pays off in the coming years.

2011 Mock Draft Database
Site (Last Update)
1st Rnd Pick Pos. College
Draft Countdown - 2/15 Robert Quinn OLB UNC
Draft Tek - 3/2 Robert Quinn OLB UNC
Walter Football - 3/2 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
Mocking the Draft - 3/2 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
SB Nation NFL - 3/2 Prince Amukamara
CB Nebraska - 3/2 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
Draft Ace - 2/28 Blaine Gabbert
QB Missouri
CBS Sports (Chad Reuter) - 3/2 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
CBS Sports (Rob Rang) - 2/23
Robert Quinn
The Football Expert (Clearwater) - 3/2 Blaine Gabbert
QB Missouri
Yahoo! Shutdown Corner - 2/28 Robert Quinn
New NFL Draft - 3/1 Von Miller OLB Texas A&M
NFL Mocks - 2/28 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
FF Jungle - 2/13 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
Draft King - 2/24 Patrick Peterson
NE Patriots Draft - 3/2 Robert Quinn
OLB Texas A&M
Mel Kiper - 2/16 Patrick Peterson
Todd McShay - 2/10 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
Steelers Universe - 2/21 Marcell Dareus DT Alabama
FF Toolbox (Dimon) - 3/2 Robert Quinn
FF Toolbox (De Lima) - 2/28 Marcell Dareus
DT Alabama
FF Toolbox (Standig) - 3/2 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
FF Toolbox (Warner) - 2/14 Prince Amukamara
CB Nebraska
FF Toolbox (Weida) - 2/3 Prince Amukamara
CB Nebraska
FF Toolbox (Welser) - 3/2 Marcell Dareus
DT Alabama
Footballs Future - 2/8 Blaine Gabbert
QB Missouri
NFL Fanhouse - 2/22 Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
Draft Season (Falk) - 2/24 Patrick Peterson
Fox Sports - 3/2 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
NFL Draft Today - 2/12 Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska

Results To Date -- 3/2/11
By Position
Position #
Defensive Tackle 3

By Player
Name #
Patrick Peterson
Blaine Gabbert 7
Robert Quinn 6
Prince Amukamara 5
Marcell Dareus 3
Von Miller 1